5 Safe Driving Tips for Teens & Parents

Having a child who is learning to drive can be exciting and scary all at the same time. If you have a teen driver now or are preparing for one in the future, these driving tips will help keep them out of trouble. The more tips and advice that you share with your teen, the better chance that they'll drive safely and responsibly. Read on to learn more.


Don't text and drive

It's no surprise that cell phones are the biggest distraction for teenagers. Texting and driving are not only extremely dangerous, but it is illegal. Teenagers often think they can multitask and are invincible, but accidents can happen in seconds.


Learn to leave the media controls

Teenagers love their music, but it's important for them to understand that they don't need to blare it through the speakers at max volume. Loud music can be a huge distraction, and putting hands on various buttons to change settings can be just as bad. It is crucial that beginner drivers keep their eyes and ears focused on the road when driving.


Always buckle up

This one's a no-brainer, but buckling up is the law. If you get in the habit of doing it now, you won't have to even have to think about it later on.


Follow the speed

There's a posted speed limit for a reason, and you should always follow it. Teens have a higher tendency to speed as they're more likely to take risks. To prevent your teen from getting a ticket and hiking up their insurance prices, simply follow the law.


Don't drive others until you're comfortable driving solo

It is important for teenagers to master driving alone first before offering rides to their friends. Don't succumb to peer pressure, and feel free to decline a ride if you're/they're not comfortable.


We hope some of these tips make it easier when teaching your teen how to drive safely. If you or your child needs any maintenance or repairs, look no further than County Line Auto Service.

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