5 Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors

Dirty fuel injectors can have some sneaky consequences. While you’re stopped at a red light, does the idle feel rough? Do you find yourself making frequent trips to the gas station? Dirty fuel injectors may be the culprit. Your vehicle has a fuel filter, pump, and injectors that work together to supply the engine with an adequate amount of clean fuel. Working together, they maintain a healthy mixture of fuel and air. If the fuel filter is dirty, a cleaning service is an easy way to restore power and boost performance. How do you know when it’s time to have the fuel injectors cleaned? Below are five common signs to look out for. 

There’s a noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency.  

There are a variety of issues that can impact gas mileage. If your tires are properly inflated and you aren’t carrying extra weight, you may want to check the fuel injectors. Dirty fuel injectors will limit the amount of fuel that reaches the engine. 

There’s rough idling when you come to a stop. 

When you pull up to a stop sign, your vehicle shouldn’t shake or shudder. When at a complete stop, vehicles should remain stable and consistent. Rough idling can sign several engine problems; it’s essential to have this inspected as soon as you notice it. 

There’s a lack of engine power. 

Dirty fuel injectors will limit the amount of fuel that the engine receives. In return, the engine will have to work hard, and over time this can cause a significant decrease in engine power. 

The check engine light will come on. 

The check engine light will illuminate the dashboard if there isn’t a sufficient amount of fuel getting to the engine. In some cases, there may be too much fuel in the engine. In addition to the check engine light, your vehicle may even struggle to start. Inadequate fuel delivered to the cylinders will make it difficult for your car to complete the combustion process. 

The engine will misfire. 

In severe cases, dirty fuel injectors can cause your engine to misfire. There will be a jerk and pop sound that will be loud and pronounced. However, vehicles with larger engines can be less likely to notice it. You should schedule a fuel injector cleaning if your engine starts to misfire to prevent any long term costly damage. 

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Fuel injector cleanings are simple; if you notice any of the above signs, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment. Have your fuel injectors cleaned before your engine starts to misfire. Misfiring can lead to damage that impacts the safety and integrity of your vehicle. 

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