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8 Reasons That May Explain Why You're Getting Lower Gas Mileage

Besides our car's overall performance, vehicle owners all want to save as much money as possible at the gas pumps. If you think about it, there has to be a balance of both. When it comes to fuel economy, two factors come into play: the health of your vehicle and your personal driving habits. Here are ten different mechanical reasons why you may be getting poor gas mileage!

  1. Inadequate Tire Pressure - If your tires are underinflated (or overinflated), you will notice uneven tire wear. This can cause a reduction in fuel economy.
  2. Dirty Air Filter - If your air filter is clogged and dirty, the engine won't get enough pure air needed to burn the fuel efficiently.
  3. Faulty Oxygen Sensors - Speaking of clean air, most automobiles have various oxygen sensors to measure the air intake and emissions output. If it becomes defective, it can negatively impact your mpg.
  4. Old Spark Plugs - Your spark plugs provide a smooth combustion process in your engine. If they are misfiring at the wrong time or not working correctly, your fuel economy will take a hit.
  5. Bad Fuel System - A bad fuel injector or dirty fuel filter can drastically alter fuel flow in the engine.
  6. Air Conditioner - The more frequent and powerful you run your A/C, the more it will decrease your gas mileage. If possible, try to limit your usage only when you need it.
  7. Motor Oil - Using the wrong type of engine oil can disrupt the performance of your car. Please ensure you're using the right kind and getting your oil changed on time.
  8. Excessive Idling - While this is not a mechanical problem, letting your car idle for too long can cause it to guzzle up more fuel than you think. If it's more than 30 seconds to 1 minute, please turn your car off or put it in neutral unless you need the engine running.

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