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Are Antifreeze & Coolant the Same Thing?

Keeping your engine cool is necessary to maintain your car's performance. If it gets too hot, you could end up with a vehicle breakdown on the side of the road. As a responsible car owner, you should do your absolute best to keep your engine at a perfect operating temperature by regularly monitoring its coolant levels. 


You might hear people interchange the terms "antifreeze" and "coolant," but the trust is they are NOT the same thing. They may sometimes be interchangeable in a casual setting, but they are not identical to a mechanic. To avoid future confusion, the next time you take your vehicle to the auto shop, we will set the record straight with the difference between the two.


Antifreeze vs. Coolant

Antifreeze is a thick, concentrated solution composed of ethylene glycol and silica. The chemical ingredients in antifreeze help the temperature of your engine.


The liquid that your mechanic will put into your car is coolant. Your coolant is just a simple blend of water and antifreeze.This product, which is often sold in auto retail stores, helps regulate the engine's temperature to keep it from overheating and being too cold to function. You can sometimes mix antifreeze and water by yourself, but you can also get it pre-mixed for convenience. When you opt to create your coolant, make sure you are working with distilled water. Regular tap water could contain harmful minerals that could clog up your system. 


6 Symptoms That Your Car Needs a Coolant Flush

  • Your temperature gauge is approaching "H".
  • You notice leaks from under your vehicle.
  • You hear a grinding sound.
  • You see that there is gunk or rust in the existing solution.
  • You perceive steam emitting from your engine.
  • You sense a sweet smell from your motor.

If you require a coolant flush, then you can trust County Line Auto Service to do the job. Our certified mechanics can examine your vehicle for any problems. We welcome you to give us a call or visit our shop in Youngsville, NC, today.

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