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​​Can You Just Replace One Tire On a Car?

If you've only got one flat or damaged tire, and the rest of the other ones are in decent condition, you only need to replace the one, right? Not exactly - many experts have various opinions on this topic, and it truly depends on the situation. 


To obtain the best possible handling and comfort for your vehicle, it is generally better for you to have all tires replaced on one occasion. Some people are against it because changing one has potential risks down the line, considering the tires will vary in tread depth. As a result, you might lose some control when accelerating, braking, and turning. Also, some automakers have restrictions against changing one or two tires at once altogether. Sometimes, this can be due to how those tires may affect both electronic and mechanical systems, including the ABS.


If you really must only replace one tire due to financial restrictions or whatnot, please consult with one of our tire experts. There are three factors to take into account before the replacement:

Tread on the Other Tires

If you want to replace tires single or in pairs without affecting vehicle performance and safety, the other tires on the vehicle need to have a good amount of tread depth left. Drivers with newer tires may be able to get away with this with no problem. Whereas, you should just have them all replaced if you have more than a 4/32" difference between the new tires and old ones.

Type of Tire

When changing out only one tire, you must make sure that they match the other tires perfectly. They must be the same size, weight, tread pattern, and (preferably) model. Even the slightest difference in these factors can impact the drivability of your vehicle.

Type of Car

Last but not least, all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles can be tricky and have less leeway. This is because varying treads will cause the tires to spin at different speeds, which can strain the vehicle's engine, transmission, and more. If the older tires are more than 2/32" different, you will need to replace them all together.


If you are looking for flat tire repair/replacement in Youngsville, NC, please come to County Line Auto Service for assistance. Our tire team will gladly help you find tires best suited for you and your car's needs.

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