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How to Inspect Your Brake Pads

In its simplest explanation - your vehicle’s brakes are what allow you to slow down and stop. Brake pad maintenance is essential for your safety as a driver or as a passenger. Brake pads are an integral part of our vehicles’ health but are often overlooked. Whether you are taking a summer road trip or a trip to the store, you use your car’s brakes. With every trip, your vehicle slightly wears away the brake pad material. Wear and tear add up, and when your brake pads reach certain thinness, it is vital to notice the symptoms of when it’s time to have them replaced.    Before you get up close and personal with your brake pads, here are some signs to look for if you are still driving:   Check for any warning lights. If your brake warning light comes on in your car dashboard, your vehicle may be low on brake fluid. Observe your brake pedal and steering wheel. If your brake pedal or the steering wheel is vibrating, that can sign ... read more


Brake pads
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