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Do Car Batteries Need Maintenance?

When it comes to driving your vehicle, it all happens because of the battery. Proper battery maintenance is important for two reasons: your vehicle won't start or run without it, and it is key to preserving the electrical system. If your car battery isn't working as it should, your alternator has to do the heavy lifting, which could wear it down prematurely too.


Unfortunately, most people believe that car batteries are maintenance-free. However, like all batteries, batteries are susceptible to weakening over time. They are sensitive to changes in temperature in Youngsville, NC. To be specific, the heat in the summer can accelerate its downfall by causing corrosion and weakening its charge. As a result, a battery inspection is recommended in both the spring and fall. Next time you come in for a service, feel free to ask our technicians to test your battery.

Below are some questions to ask yourself when inspecting your battery at home:

  • Is it clean and free of sticky residue? 
  • Is there corrosion at the charge points/terminals or on the cables? Corrosion can cause issues with how efficiently electricity passes to and from the battery.
  • Are the cables loose? Because they need to be tight and secured.

When you bring your car to County Line Auto Service, we can inspect and test your battery. If the battery test indicates that replacement of the battery is necessary, you should be glad to have caught it before a major breakdown. The experts here will assist you with all your battery needs. Please give us a call or visit soon!

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