How Does A Car Engine Explode? Can I Fix It

Car engines are complex machines that generate power through controlled explosions. While rare, engine explosions can occur, leading to catastrophic damage and potential safety hazards. If you are wondering about how this outrageous event can happen or if it's fixable, make sure to read along!

How Does A Car Engine Explode?

Here is the main reason: Excessive heat can cause engine components to expand and fail, leading to a rupture or explosion. Factors like a malfunctioning cooling system, low coolant levels, or a faulty thermostat can contribute to this. Overheating is the main reason for engine problems, so make sure to keep an eye on your oil temperature.

Of course there are other reasons for this to happen: Here are three very common ones:

  • Fuel Ignition Issues: If the fuel-air mixture ignites too early or in the wrong place within the engine, it can result in an explosion. 
  • Oil Leaks and Ignition: Leaking oil can come into contact with hot engine components, leading to spontaneous combustion and potential engine explosions. 
  • Overloading: Even if your car is in pristine condition, with all of its fluid and system maintained, it can still explode under heavy load. This especially applies to flooring your car in first or second gear.

Can You Fix an Exploded Engine?

Fixing an engine that has already exploded is highly unlikely. Most cases of this unpleasant event include the whole block being broken or cracked - making the whole engine unfixable. Sometimes the only affected components are the manifold or piston which can be fixed.

Do you want to prevent your engine from exploding? Follow these preventative maintenance tips:

  • Regular general maintenance
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Professional consulting when problems occur
  • Do not floor the gas pedal
  • Avoid start-stop traffic
  • Do not rev the engine extensively
  • Coolant and oil changes

While car engine explosions are rare, as we said previously, understanding their causes and taking preventive measures is essential for maintaining a safe and functional vehicle. Such preventative measures are visiting our shop on time and for every scheduled maintenance appointment. County Line Auto Service is here to help with any car-related issue at hand!

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