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How to Keep Your Vehicle Cool During the Summer

Summer is officially here, and spring is well past us. Outside temperatures are rising and filling the air with uncomfortable heat. Some days you’ll need to get into your car and start driving right away bearing heat levels that can fry an egg. Listed below are a few essential tips on how to keep cool during the blazing summer:

  • Find a place to park in a shaded area. Parking in the shade will keep the interior of your vehicle cooler. While this may seem like a basic tip, parking in direct sunlight can bring the inside of your car cabin to over 115°. If you can’t find an area with shade, try covering your interior with a light-colored cotton bed sheet or sunshade. Some automotive shops may sell dashboard covers as well.
  • Be strategic in how you use your air conditioner. For the first five to ten minutes, use the fresh air mode to cool the inside of your car. Afterward, use the recirculation to enhance the cold air and maintain the cool breeze.  
  • Leave a small crack in one or two of your windows to allow heat to escape. Hot air rises, and the best way to make sure the heat escapes from your car cabin is to leave the windows open enough for warm air to get out but closed enough so thieves won’t come in. 
  • Don’t forget to utilize your bottom vents. Most people commonly turn the upper air vents on first when using the AC. It’s more effective to turn on the bottom vents because they work better at cooling the vehicle quickly. 
  • If your air conditioner doesn’t feel cold enough, it may be time for a service. Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems with the a/c, staying on top of vehicle maintenance is important because it increases its lifespan. Prevention in the present is better than any surprises in the future, try to make a note to get your car’s air-conditioner serviced before summer starts. An air conditioning system with clogged filters or low refrigerant levels can put a lot of stress on your vehicle and decrease cooling performance.  
  • Use a dashboard cover, window visors, and sunshades to keep your car cool during the summer. Blocking the sun’s rays ensures the interior of your car remains cool and prevents the inside of the cabin from experiencing the greenhouse effect.  

Don’t let the summer leave you sizzling, take these extra measures to keep your ride cool. Small steps such as parking in the shade, sunshades, and leaving your window slightly open can make a massive difference. Take time to understand your air conditioning system, so you know how to use it effectively and keep it maintained. Outside of your vehicle, take care of yourself! Make sure you have extra water and stay hydrated.


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