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Signs That You Need A Spark Plug Replacement

If your car's spark plugs aren't in working order, then you can say bye-bye to the chance of getting where you need to be. These little metallic components screw into each engine cylinder to enable the spark necessary to start your car. In other words, spark plugs start the electrical ignition of fuel and air your vehicle's engine. Due to usage, engine debris, extreme surrounding pressures, and other mishaps, they may deteriorate at differing degrees. To ensure that your vehicle is safe, functional, and economical, you should watch out for the following signs of failing spark plugs


Engine Misfires - If you're experiencing misfires, the culprit is probably the electrodes of your spark plugs. They may have worn down to the point where they cannot ignite the fuel and air mixture at all in the car's combustion chamber.

Poor Acceleration - If you're experiencing sluggish acceleration, especially at moderate speeds, then your ignition could have probably weakened. Without good spark plugs, your car will not be able to generate enough power to do much.

Rough Engine Idle - If your motor has developed vibrations and unusual noises when idling, your spark plugs may need replacing. 

Reduced Fuel Economy -Bad spark plugs can result in a higher than usual fuel consumption and increased emissions, which aren't very economical. You could be forking out more money for gas than expected as a result. Don't wait any more time and money by having these bad boys replaced ASAP!


Please be on the lookout for the symptoms mentioned above to avoid engine damage, expensive repairs, or the hassle of being stranded in the middle of nowhere. If you need a proper diagnosis and repair of your spark plugs, we invite you to come into County Line Auto Service or give us a call at (919) 335-4011 today!

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