Tips to Help Organize Your Trunk

If you’re transporting a large number of items, fitting it all in your trunk may feel like a game of Tetris. It’s even more aggravating when you open your trunk only to find that items have completely spilled over and scattered across in an array. Below are a few tips for organizing your trunk to create more space and less spillage:

Collapsible Storage Bins 
Collapsible storage bins are great because you can keep them collapsed in the trunk. When you need an organized storage space, they easily fold open. If you’re worried about these bins sliding around your trunk, you can use a sticky Velcro to keep them secured. 

Trunk Organizer
Trunk Organizers are perfect if you have delicate items that need to remain separate inside the trunk. The material is durable and makes all items easy to find. There are also alternatives to the trunk organizer; the rear seat organizer has small compartments easily accessible for back seat passengers. 

Bubble Wrap 
If you’re planning on transporting many glass items, bubble wrap is perfect for preventing brakes and cracks. 

 Caddy Tote 
A caddy tote is perfect for placing in the back seat if you have children in car seats. The caddy tote can hold any essentials and keep them within arm’s reach. 

Trunk Net
Most trunks already have nets and hooks in the trunk to help with storing items. Outside of what may already be included in your vehicle, you can purchase an additional trunk net to help keep things from moving around. 

Packing your trunk doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you don’t want to waste time sifting through your trunk space, these suggested items can make a huge difference. This list is only a start; don’t be afraid to get creative. If you need to transport more items, organization is the first step.

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