What Fluids Need To Be Changed In My Car?

All motor vehicles use various fluids to maintain their mechanical systems. These fluids need regular changing to keep the engine and other parts in good working order. Unfortunately, many car owners don't bother checking the state of these fluids until something goes wrong. It results in the vehicle breaking down, which means expensive mechanical repair bills.


These are issues resolved with a bit of diligence. Every driver should know about the fluids vehicles use and how often they need changing. This way, they can avoid the inconveniences of unnecessary breakdowns and mechanical issues.


Fuel System Flushing

Most mechanics recommend flushing the fuel system every 35,000 miles. It's an intensive process requiring specialized tools and skilled technicians working from a well-stocked auto repair shop.

Brake Fluid Flushing

Most vehicles will never require their brake fluid to get flushed. But sometimes moisture may seep into the brake fluid, or it may overheat. In these cases, the fluid gets flushed and replaced with a fresh batch.

Engine Oil Flushing

It is the most commonly known fluid change in cars. Regular oil changes keep the engine healthy. Dirty oil may cause clogging.

Transmission Fluid Flushing

Like fuel systems, it's recommended that transmission fluid gets flushed every 35,000 miles or as needed. When getting transmission fluid flushed, always change the filter.


Overheating causes serious engine problems. Coolant flushes keep the radiator operating at an optimal level. The latest model vehicles (from 2011 onwards) use a new type of coolant that can handle higher temperatures and better protection against corrosion. Every 40,000 miles, it's encouraged to have a coolant flushing.

Get Your Car Flushed at County Line Auto Service

The fluids that cars use have a shelf-life. After a certain period, they are no longer as effective in playing their role. If they stay for too long, they may even affect the vehicle's performance negatively. These fluids may also become clogged with dirt or debris, in which case they should get flushed by a reputable mechanic.


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