What Symptoms Indicate a Transmission Problem?

Like your engine, the transmission is one of your car’s most vital components. It is complex and costly, which is why you should give it special attention. Additionally, you should pay attention to the following red flags that point to problems with the transmission.  

Grinding or Shaking When Changing Gears

Gear changes should be smooth when your transmission is working as it should. When the gears are damaged in any way, you may feel any grinding, slipping, or shaking sensations when shifting in between park and drive. It is important to have this looked at by a professional technician ASAP.

Burning Smell

On a normal occasion, your car should NEVER have a burning smell. When you catch it though, it means serious business. One of the most common causes of a burning smell is overheated transmission fluid. The transmission fluid plays a crucial role in lubricating and protecting the transmission. You should act fast before you transmission parts get damaged. If you need help checking your fluid, please visit County Line Auto Service.

Unresponsive Gear

If there is a delay or no change in gears when you put your car in reverse or drive, there’s definitely something wrong with your transmission. If you can’t get your car to move at all, it is best to call for a tow.

Noisy in Neutral

If you hear reoccurring whining, humming, or clunking sounds under your vehicle, there’s a good chance that your transmission is the culprit. Some scenarios may be more dangerous than others, so it’s best to have it checked out.

Red Fluid Leak

If you notice red or pink fluid puddles around your vehicle, it could very well be a transmission fluid leak. As mentioned before, transmission fluid is extremely important to the operation of your car. If you leave your car running low on this lubricant for too long, you may have to pay more to fix the damaged parts.

Check Engine Light On

The check engine light can mean many things, including a failing transmission. To be sure, you can bring your car to our auto repair shop for diagnostics. 


Oftentimes, transmission problems start off small and become worse due to negligence. If your car, SUV, or truck is important to you and you catch any of the red flags mentioned above, please give us a call or bring your car by County Line Auto Service today.

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