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What Vehicle Parts Can Potholes Damage?

What Vehicle Parts Can Potholes Damage?

Potholes are very common especially during the wet season. They pop up at any point on the road and are sometimes inevitable to hit. This means that you will hit a pothole or two at one point or the other while driving. Unfortunately, these depressions may damage various parts underneath the vehicle, especially if you hit them at high speeds. Here are some of the car parts that potholes can damage.


Tires take in most damage from potholes. Note that potholes have hard, sharp edges that puncture the tire as the vehicle hits one. They may snap the threads that hold the tire together or slice the sides of the rubber. Unfortunately, when a tire gets a sideway bubble or a separated thread, you must replace it.


When potholes are particularly deep and huge, they can break twist rims from their strong impact. Vehicle rims are not designed to handle impact force from hard angles in potholes. Such hits often leading to cracks, chips, or bends. Bent rims may not hold onto the tire and may be too weak to handle the weight of the vehicle. Cracked rims need replacement as they cannot be repaired.


The suspension system includes shock absorbers, springs, tires, and linkages that connect your car to the wheels. The suspension system provides a smooth ride by absorbing impact. However, there is a limit to how hard it can go. Sudden hits against deep potholes may damage the suspension in various ways, including damaging struts and shocks, breaking ball joints, and causing misalignment.

Control Arm Damage

The control arm maintains the vertical wheel position as the suspension bounces. A deep impact may bend the control arm. When it does, the vehicle reacts differently to your steering commands and may cause the tires to wear unevenly.

The Exhaust

Most exhaust pipes run along the vehicle's undercarriage. So, they are easily punctured when you hit a pothole. At the very least, you may start hearing unpleasant noises as if the exhaust is loose or has a hole. A pothole may also cause the car to lose power when the exhaust is punctured near the catalytic converter.

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