When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

Every vehicle has multiple parts without which it cannot properly operate. One of the most important parts is a car battery. The vehicle battery is responsible for providing the electricity required by certain car components to make them work. It also delivers voltage to the starter, therefore, if your car battery is dead, your car will not start!

Unfortunately, car batteries do not last forever. If you want your car to be as reliable as possible, it is best to change out the battery before it is completely dead, otherwise, you may encounter plenty of embarrassing times when your car refuses to start.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your car battery every 3 years. If you are lucky enough to always drive in ideal driving conditions, such as in a place that does not experience extreme temperature conditions or excessive humidity levels, your car battery can last up to 6 years. However, beware that if you wait 5 years or more, by this time the battery usually becomes highly unreliable and could leave you stranded without starting power, which is highly undesirable.

If you do not want to change your battery religiously every 3 years, there are some other signs you can rely on for knowing when to get a battery replacement. Some of these can include a slow starting engine, caused by the battery wearing down. Another sign would be lights that appear to be dim, caused by loss of power in the aging battery. Your check engine light coming on could still be another sign of a dying battery, but it may take a computer diagnostics test in order for you to confirm this.

All in all, a reliable and healthy battery is essential for your vehicle in order to get you around safely and on schedule. For this reason, we recommend keeping track of when your battery was most recently replaced so you would have an idea of what may be the cause of any unexpected car issues in the future.

If you need a car battery replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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