Why Are My Car Windows Stuck?

Our car windows can be helpful in many ways besides giving us some fresh air. If you ever need to roll it down or up, you can do so with a push of a button. Sometimes, though, windows can get stuck. If your vehicle’s windows are unresponsive, it may be because of one of the following reasons:

Loose Connection or Burnt Fuse

Your power windows are linked to the electrical system. If you have a loose connection or burnt fuse somewhere along the way, your power accessories can be cut out.

Faulty Switch

Sometimes, the switch itself is what is stopping your window from going up and down. If it works intermittently, the switch is likely the problem.

Worn Gaskets

The gaskets on your windows are the rubber pieces around the inside of the window that hold the glass. They can get dirty or have debris stuck in them over time, which can stop your window from opening and closing. Sometimes, cleaning the edges can help.

Frozen Shut

Another common explanation for stuck windows in the winter is the frozen conditions. If there is moisture stuck in between the windows, it can cause your window to be stuck shut. That is why we recommend being careful about rolling down the windows in the winter. You should wait until your vehicle warms up, before pressing any buttons.

If you are having power window troubles, we welcome you to County Line Auto Service to troubleshoot the problem. Feel free to give us a call or visit today

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