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Why Does My Engine Oil Get Dirty Fast?

You might be wondering why your engine oil gets dirty fast and why you need to replace it so often! Actually, the new oil that you are putting in the engine of your vehicle is keeping it smooth so that you can run your car smoothly. Plus, it's clean too! But, let's find out what happens to this clean oil that gets so dirty.

What's Causing The Engine Oil To Be Dirty?

Your engine oil gets dirty and you are wondering what's the possible reason behind it. Well, the following reasons are possible:

Engine Oil Is Doing Its Job

Yes, you heard that right! The engine oil is simply doing its job that makes it dirty. Think about the number of times the engine oil is moving through the car's engine. It gets dirty over time. Plus, the oil changes its color and viscosity overtime. No wonder you need to change it with a new one.

Your Vehicle's Oil Filter Is Old

The oil filter in your vehicle is responsible for catching the contaminants in the engine oil, but over time when the oil filter gets old, it doesn't work that efficiently. So, you can expect the engine oil to get dirty. It means that it's time to change the oil filter too.

Waiting Too Long for The Oil Change

If you are waiting for too long to change the oil change then it's surely going to get dirty. Plus, you haven't changed the oil filter in between so the delay can cause the oil to become dirty.

What Can You Do About The Dirty Oil?

You need to change the dirty oil by contacting a professional service provider. Take your vehicle to the auto shop for the oil change plus, also keep an eye on the oil filter. You should know when it's the right time for your car's service and maintenance. You can ask the service provider to guide you about the oil change.

Now you know why your engine oil gets dirty and what you should do about it. If you need an engine oil change, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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