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Why Does the Inside of My Vehicle Smell Like Gas?

There’s nothing more off-putting than noticing a gas smell inside your car. If you just made a stop at the gas station, the scent may have lingered inside the cabin, but if you notice that the smell is coming from your vehicle, it’s time for an inspection. Gasoline and its vapors are toxic and, in some cases, constitute a significant fire risk. Under normal driving circumstances, you should not smell gas inside your vehicle. Below are three common reasons why the inside of your car may smell like gas. 

There’s a Fuel Leak
If the gas smell is coming from the engine compartment, there may be a leak in the fuel system. For most vehicles, fuel injectors spray a precise amount of fuel into the engine during each cycle. Over time the seals around the injectors can degrade or become worn and leak. A leak that develops in the fuel line will also produce a noticeable gas smell. Do not wait until you notice a fuel leak beneath your vehicle before you get an inspection. Fuel usually leaks towards the ground in severe cases.

There’s an Exhaust Leak
If you’re driving on the highway and notice the smell of gas, it may be coming from the exhaust. If gas fumes are coming from the exhaust, then an adequate amount of gas isn’t being used during combustion. Exhaust leaks shouldn’t be ignored because they diminish vehicle performance. This also allows you to have your engine checked and serviced for any additional problems are concerns. 

Damaged Fuel Filler Cap
The filler cap seals in gasoline vapors. If the seal is worn out, the vapors from gasoline could cause an identifiable inside the vehicle. If the fuel filler cap is damaged, have it replaced right away. They are relatively inexpensive and can minimize fire hazards. 

Fuel Smell Diagnostic in Youngsville, NC

If you need help identifying a strong fuel smell inside your vehicle, reach out to County Line Auto Service. Our professional automotive technicians can inspect your vehicle for any leaks and offer a reliable diagnostic. Click here to schedule an appointment, or don’t hesitate to give us a call at 919-335-4011.

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