Why is My Engine Sputtering?

A sputtering engine is definitely a cause for conern - it means that your engine is barely able to operate as it should. Of course with any engine issue, we always recommend that you have your vehicle inspected at the first sign of an issue here at County Line Auto Service to avoid major engine repairs. If your engine is sputtering, your vehicle needs immediate attention. Lets look at why!

An obvious cause of a sputtering engine is no gas. However, if your gas gauge is full, there is a bigger issue at hand. What the sputtering means is that there is an issue with the combustion process. The issue can lie either with the exhaust system or the fuel system. Here are some of the most common causes behind a sputtering engine, either caused by the exhaust system or fuel system:

  • A leak in the exhaust manifold can cause the engine to sputter because gases are leaking. This is dangerous for both your vehicle and you, so this needs to be corrected right away. 
  • A worn seal or gasket in the exhaust system can cause leaks and damaged the exhaust manifold.
  • A failing catalytic converter can cause sputtering as well as the smell of rotten eggs. This will also cause the check engine light to turn on and you will fail an emissions test.
  • A malfunctioning oxygen sensor can disrupt the combustion process due to an incorrect mix of gas and air.
  • A dirty fuel injector can prevent the right amount of fuel from being injected into the engine, causing sputtering, decrease in fuel efficiency, and performance issues.
  • Bad spark plugs, which are responsbile for igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber.
  • A vaccum leak can also causing a sputtering of the engine, as well as hesitating and stalling. 

If you are experiencing a sputtering engine, we invite you to bring your vehicle into uur Youngsville engine repair shop here at County Line Auto Service today!

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